Our aim is to support residential landlords to set standards, strengthen relationships with residents, and cultivate strong and loyal communities. We believe that this will lead to happier homes and stronger communities, resulting in increased renewals and improved portfolio returns.
Be kind
This is really important to us. In everything we do, we try to be kind. Our business believes in treating everyone it meets the way we’d want our grandparents to be treated, and that’s pretty darn kindly.
So much of renting is trust-based, and that’s great. We want to prove that we can be trusted, so we will always be open and honest with people, and encourage everyone using ARK to do the same.
Take responsibility
Responsible business practice is key to what we do. That means making sure that tenants, landlords, contractors, and everyone else all hold up their end of the deal.
If it's broken, fix it
Efficiency. We always ask busy people to things. Busy is good; waiting is bad, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord. One of our founders’ favourite expressions is “If it ain’t broke, FIX IT!” We pre-empt big problems, and fix them when they’re small.
Green is good
We’re committed to cutting the carbon footprint of the properties on our solution, because...well...there is no Planet B!
Better together
We like to work together to tackle problems creatively, collaboratively, and quickly. It’s amazing how easy it is to win a Tug Of War if both teams are pulling in the same direction.
Thank you!