A mobile app to manage front desk tasks more efficiently

Reduce hardware costs and improve security and traceability for critical front desk tasks.

See the difference in weeks

Increase engagement

Become more connected with your residents - Ark achieves an average 62% download rate within 2 months of launch.

Improve services

Response times drop by 28% when Ark is used by the community -  your residents feel more listened to, and resident teams save time.

Enhance data accuracy

Real time up-to-date information provided and verified by residents. Make better decisions by engaging with ALL of the community.

Ark powers your front desk team

Mobile App

Designed for concierge teams and managers on the go - prioritising the information you need to perform your job.


Scan parcels as they arrive and automatically notify residents - and scan QR codes to quickly release parcels on collection.

Key Management

Manage key authorisations and tracking management via the mobile app and accompanying dashboard.


Create newsfeed items, surveys, messages and documents from the same dashboard - seen by residents in app and by email.


Bring on new residents quickly with a tech welcome pack - and onboard through the verification process.

Bespoke App

Corporate or community branding for your resident app - to drive engagement with your organisation.

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“Ark are more like an in-house team than an external provider.”

Alex Elsy, Director of Resident Management, Pinnacle Group
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